About Us

Our Committee Structure

The Management Committee consists of the President; 2 Vice-Presidents; and not less than 5 and not more than 9 members being ordinary Committee officers, all of whom must be elected to the Committee in accordance with the Constitution. All Committee Officers are volunteers and are supported by two part time administration staff.


To promote, encourage and advocate for the development of agricultural, pastoral, horticultural, viticultural, commercial, industrial, cultural, handicraft, artistic and tourism pursuits in Central Australia. We will continue to deliver a high-quality service standard to every customer with integrity, honesty, and respect; increase our market share by satisfying the needs of the community.


For Central Australian Show Society to remain a top-level regional agricultural show by showcasing local pastoral and agricultural industries, arts, culture, and local businesses. Providing an inclusive family friendly atmosphere filled with entertainment, education, and community connections through our annual events.