Rumball Hall is named after local businessman Bob Rumball. Rumball was commissioned by the ‘Panel of Sporting Bodies & Associated Bodies’ to deliver a report on all matters in connection with the reserves. This report became the blueprint of all future developments - the first purpose built Preschool - Natalie Gorey Preschool (now the Senior Citizens Club), and the Children’s Social Club, which is now the Alice Springs Youth Centre.

Rumball made another suggestion: “There is sufficient development in the town and district for a local show which, besides encouraging local industry of all kinds, both household and commercial, could be made to cover school exhibits.

“One of the essentials of such a show is a suitable building, the report continued”.

Rumball’s suggestion for a local show was made two years in advance of the first Royal Darwin Show in 1952 but it was to be another decade before his idea came to fruition in Alice Springs.

Rumball Hall is currently home to all our wonderful competition entries including Agriculture, Art, Cooking, Craft, Hobbies, Horticulture and Photography